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Aleksa in Antwerp

Hello! 🌸

The creator and face behind this blog is me: Aleksandra, a 21 year old student and philanthropist.

A native Bulgarian, moved when she was still a toddler to Madrid and has spent 19 years in the Spanish capital until last year 2020, in which I decided to challenge myself and go to live and study abroad a Creative Communication Bachelor degree in Belgium.

All these years have taught me to follow my heart and instincts, and my mind mostly for college and financial purposes! That is why I always want to see, learn and discover more. I don’t think that humans are made just for one purpose, we can dedicate our lives to walk on different roads!

Why ‘Mode et Art‘?

My main interests since I was a child are fashion, history, art and getting to know new people. The mix if all those elements is the reason why I created this blog! ✍️ I started this journey as a passion project to share and inform about the ineffable love relationship between art and fashion, that we can see more and more in museums lately.

The name of the blog can seem too simple, but in fact, is exactly how I feel the topic we will be tackling. Both, fashion and art can be minimalistic, but if you add a little bit of ✨spice✨ you will have such a special outfit, that is how the majority of artistic movements were created. Oh, and why french? We all know is the most romantic language that exists, everything sounds good!

What can you discover here?

I think that everyone has more than one interest and passion. I will reflect that on Mode et Art, it won’t be just theory about geometrical patterns and types of canvas, but I want to show you why and how this two very broad spheres have been brought together into a practical way. They don’t merge only in haute couture and the most famous worldwide catwalks, I want to express how you can inspire yourself, in your daily life and clothing style.

I will be posting once every weekend, updating you on the latest and most famous trends, giving the most interesting information and trying to hype you up to go out of your comfort zone 😊

If you are as curious and interested in those topics, or you just want to learn more because you are new in this world, highlight this blog. No age limit, sexual identity, orientation or any other requirement needed to be a reader of Mode et Art! Just be you, and please, share your thoughts and opinions (always with respect) on the comments, my Instagram or Youtube channel.

I look forward to continue informing and inspiring to investigate and be passionate about this world with me!

For any suggestions, questions or just to say hello, e-mail me at aleksandra.antonova.nikolova@student.howest.be !

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